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Pg Providers (Landlord) Checklist


Paying Guest Provider's Checklist


 Here is our guide to make your hunt for that perfect accommodation a lot easier. This list is not exhaustive though it includes the essentials one should look for that pleasant stay. In some cities of India like Chandigarh it is mandatory to apply for a permission to establish a Paying Guest Accommodation facility.  It is highly recommended that the landlord  verify from the local municipal office/police station for the procedure to avoid unpleasantness.



 1) PG/Tenant Identity - Take a signed copy of an original identity proof i.e. driving license, passport, voter's ID or workplace ID. Verify from workplace/school/college the authenticity of tenant.


 2) Police Tenant Verification - It is mandatory  to submit a complete tenant verification form to the nearest police authority. A sample form can be downloaded here, the same can vary in different locations, please check with your nearest police station.


 3) Lease Agreement/Contract - Study the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. . If in doubt get the same prepared by an advocate for proper clauses. The document is vital which proves your status as a landlord giving rights to the tenant. The same can be typed on a stamp paper and then notarized or it can be registered thru the sub-registered by paying the prescribed fee. Make a copy and give to the tenant. The original document is to be kept by you for future reference.


 3) Rent/Security - In the agreement carefully note that the rent, advance rent and the security amount has been properly entered. A security of one month is the usual practice to cover up damages which might occur when tenant leaves.


 4) Inventory - A list of the inventory is preferably annexed in the agreement to avoid unpleasantness at the time of tenant vacating the premises. The inventory page has to be signed by the tenant. The same includes furniture and fixing given for common use of the tenants.


 5) Condition of bedroom/bathroom/common areas -  The landlord is to see that the condition of the living quarters of the paying guest/tenant is in proper shape as spelled in the contract. Sanitary leaks should be avoided and cleanliness properly maintained.


 6) Building Insurance - It is advisable to insure the premises. Insurance premium is based on the value of the building and can cover  earthquake, flood, riots, fire, terrorism etc. It is highly advisable because of the nominal premium for the cover.


 7) Electricity/Water - It is preferable to have a backup for electricity as summers are hot. The cost of inverters which are silent have come down. Water should be uninterrupted through a constant overhead tank supply.


 8) Meals - When the landlord decides to offer meals it is highly advisable to only offer high standard and hygienic meals. 


 9) Drinking Water - It is advisable to invest in a dependable water-purifier system like aquaguard, in places where impurities are common go for the (RO) Reverse Osmosis system..


 11) Fan/Air Cooler/Air Conditioner - Each room should have a basic fan to tide over the summer months. An air cooler doesn't cost much and is advisable during dry summers. For better service go for an air conditioner.


 12) TV/Internet WIFI - A television set is a basic source of entertainment for the paying guest. The cost of providing internet access thru a wifi setup has come down drastically. Go for an unlimited monthly plan and set up a hot spot for your tenant.


13) Security of Premises - The landlord has to see that the premises and the belongings of the the tenant are secured from theft by employing a trusted guard in the premises.


14) Keys - Provide duplicate keys to the paying guest and change the lock and keys when they move out, this simple procedure can save you future intrusions in the future.


15) Important Telephone Nos.  - Display a list of telephone nos.  to be contacted in times of emergency in a prominent spot in the premises.



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