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Paying Guest's Checklist


Paying Guest's Checklist


 Here is our guide to make your hunt for that perfect accommodation a lot easier. This list is not exhaustive though it includes the essentials one should look for that pleasant stay.



 1) Condition of the Building - Visually check the condition of the Building. You don't not want to stay in one which might collapse any moment.


 2) Safety - Inquire if there is a guard in-house and if there is a chowkidar/guard at night and his reliability. Is the area a quiet neighborhood with ample lightning at night.


 3) Agreement/Contract - Study the terms and conditions of the agreement. The landlord will have clauses to protect his/her interests but the same time those should not compromise yours as well. If in doubt get a copy of the same before signing and discuss with a confidant if is alright to go for it. The document is vital which proves your status as a paying guest/tenant. Get an original signed document from the owner if not a notarized copy of the original. Receipts of payment made which includes advances and security if any should be handed to you in original.


 3) Inquire - Inquire from the current occupants the general living conditions of the house. It is mandatory for the landlord to give new tenants details to the nearest police station, not doing so can compromise your own safety as your roommate can be of dubious nature. Tenant Police Verification Form .


 4) Location - The house should be suitably located to your workplace or place of study i.e. University, college or school. Long distance can be a nuisance as it consumes your productive time.


 5) Size of the Room -  Ideally a 10 X 12 room is enough for  2 occupants. This will include 2 beds, 2 almirahs and 2 medium study tables. Look for an airy room with a verandah preferable to unwind after a hectic day.


 6) Bathroom/Toilet - It is advisable to have an attached bathroom and toilet for your personal use rather than sharing with more than one occupant.


 7) Electricity/Water - It is preferable to have a backup for electricity as summers are hot. Water should be uninterrupted through a constant overhead tank supply.


 8) Meals - Some facilities offer an in-house meal supply. The rent will be a bit higher when 3 meals are included. Otherwise one can engage a supply from the tiffinwala. It is imperative to check the quality of food and hygiene from either.


 9) Drinking Water - Check that the facility has a water-purifier system. The old double-candle purifier is out-dated which has given way to a 3 stage purifier like Aquaguard or where the water supply is really impure a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system.


 10) Laundry - Inquire if clothes can be given in-house for washing and ironing as it will save time to engage someone outside.


 11) Fan/Air Cooler/Air Conditioner - Most of the facilities will have at least a fan or a cooler to tide those summer months. An Air Conditioned room will fetch a higher rent , negotiate with the owner if needed.


 12) TV/Internet WIFI - Most houses have a living room with a common TV for entertainment. Now that unlimited internet access rates have come down, most facilities offer WIFI access points in their premises.

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